Alteril Sleep Aid FAQ

Alteril is, unfortunately, a much less famous product than it has right to be and it is our opinion that this might be due to the lack of exposure that it gets from the mainstream media but also on the internet. It seems that not that much can be read about this incredible sleeping product and that people are therefore not using it as much as they should if they have troubles for sleeping. We have collected some of the most commonly asked questions that people ask about Alteril and we have decided to answer them here.

Question #1: Is Alteril another sleeping pill?

Answer #1: No, it is not. Alteril is in fact a natural product, a herbal medicine if you wish that has been developed using only what the nature gives us and thus producing a product that is entirely natural and that is therefore safe for use. It contains natural extracts and compounds that have been researched in depth and whose effects can help people who are having problems with their sleep.

Question #2: Does Alteril cause any side effects?

Answer #2: There have been some reports of dry mouth, nausea and headaches, but these side effects have occurred in such a small percentage that they are usually not even considered a possibility. However, as we want you to have all the info needed, we have decided to tell you that these may occur. Also, like with anything else, there are people who might be allergic to some of the ingredients in Alteril and they should be extra careful when taking Alteril.

Question #3: Can I get addicted to Alteril?

Answer #3: No, you cannot. Alteril is not a synthetic pharmaceutical drug but a natural product. It has shown absolutely no potential for causing any type of dependency or addiction. We are aware that this is the number one reason why many people do not wish to take prescription sleeping drugs and they are right in fearing this. However, with Alteril, this is not an issue.

Question #4: What ingredients can be found in Alteril?

Answer #4: The main three ingredients found in the Alteril formula are the L-tryptophan, melatonin and valerian. There are, however, some other ingredients that also contribute to the efficacy of Alteril and these include: chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, hops, l-Theanine and so on.

Question #5: Are there any people who should not take Alteril?

Answer #5: Children should not be taking Alteril as it has been developed to help adults and their physiology. Therefore, it is not entirely known how a child would react to taking Alteril and they should therefore not take it in the first place. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult their doctor if they wish to start taking Alteril. They might still be allowed to, but this is best discussed with a medical professional.